1. tattooedsass said: Where did you get travelers insurance from and how much did it end up costing? Would you recommend it for a 6 week trip? Also, we are considering kayaking the Milford Sound, would you recommend it? Thanks!

    We purchased travelers insurance through World Nomads and paid 520 USD for 12 months. Insurance was required for our visa, (though they never checked on it when we arrived), but I would recommend insurance, just for the peace of mind. I think you can pay for exactly 6 weeks too.

    Kayaking in the Milford Sound was amazing. We did the Stirling Sunriser with Rosco’s Milford Kayaks. The price is a bit steep (175 USD), but the views are incredible, the tour consisted of just us, another couple and the guide so it was pretty personal, and we got to kayak under a 150m waterfall! It was definitely one of the highlights of our trip. Happy traveling!

  2. tattooedsass said: What kind of visa did you get? Does WWOOFing qualify you for a working visa?

    We have working holiday visas which allow us to travel and work in NZ for 12 months. You can check if your country of origin qualifies you here. It was simple to apply online and we heard back within a week.